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Best Fiberglass Sundecks / General Contracting

Fiberglass is a composite material often used for waterproofing of sundecks, roofs, door surrounds, bathtubs, and water storage tubs. It is a proven material with outstanding results record of accomplishment. Many homeowners demand fiberglass membrane applications and sundecks’ reconstruction because of their experience with the material in the past.

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General contracting for residential renovations of the bathroom, basement and kitchen, sundecks with fiberglass application, landscaping, cleaning, grabbing, excavating, forming, light steel framing and concrete placing. Provide repairing from storm, fire and other damages.

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Civil Structural Designs

Civil Structural Designs

Projects include residential and commercial industry. Proposal contains estimated fee, scope of work and design submissions. Closely cooperating with clients understanding their ideas and developing in the scope of detail design. Projects include site visits, inspections, quality control, engineering approval of progressing activities and sign off temporary works Technical practices of the assignments involve various software and compliance with Canadian standards and BCBC 2012.

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Architectural Decorations

Delivering projects of landscape architecture, exhibitions, displays, arrangements for any unique space reflecting customer requirements and imagination expressed in variety of inconvenient, artistic, and not traditional techniques. Providing estimated quote on scope of work, presentation style and other details.

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Springland Enterprises Ltd.

Springland Enterprises Ltd.is a well-established professional firm in 1992 to fill a need in the market place for well-rounded technical services requiring custom solutions. Firm offers project management including designs and engineering, general construction, procurement, scheduling of multidiscipline tasks and quality control.

Complex of successful mostly residential projects places the company in an ideal position to contribute expertize and professionalism to the design built projects. Our enthusiastic teamwork looking for innovative solution also prioritize customer satisfaction with the budget, quality, and schedule.