Engineering Projects

Engineering Projects 2017-12-07T21:23:21+00:00
Civil designs: site layout, grading, roads, storm water management.

Structural designs: concrete, wood, steel temporary works structures, connections details.


Roads, Bridges, Rails, Earthworks, Utilities:

  • Designed a concrete bridge and access roads
  • Evaluated safety aspects of roads and designed required upgrades
  • Participated in design reviews of bridge upgrades
  • Designed precast concrete deck panels of the elevated roadway for Highway D61
  • Led a design group on projects of energy pipe lines
  • Designed roads (alignment, profile, cross sections and details) on projects: Princeton, J. Korp, Driftwood
  • Performed a water management study for Hudson Residence, North off Garden Bay Road
  • Involved in design changes for Gateway Program – Pitt River Bridge, Port Mann Bridge


Quality Control:

  • Inspected all stages of manufacturing and compliance with designs, standards and contracts
  • Respected safety and environmental commitment
  • Verified quality of construction work procedures required by Quality and Inspection Test Plans
  • Approved checklists and managed quality assurance testing and external records

Project Management:

  • Built and developed relationships with clients and suppliers
  • Scheduled and coordinated construction activities
  • Coordinated construction residential and commercial projects with satisfactory cost effective results – Cost coding, Estimating, Scheduling
  • Supervised progress of construction works and evaluated effects of changes and delays
  • Prepared proposals and performed contract administration work
  • Coordinated application process for development and building permits
  • Supervised selected sub-trades, transportation and procurement activities

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