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“Is there any special maintenance required on fibreglass deck?”
– With seamless finish, fiberglass deck requires minimum maintenance. The dirt neither penetrates into the material nor gets caught in the seam. Therefore, broom is often sufficient to sweep the dirt off. For wet cleaning, we recomend use all purposes household cleaning products.

“Does fibreglass have seams?”
– No, fibreglass is completely seamless and waterproof.

“Is the fibreglass finish slippery?”
– No. We add non-slip into the gelcoat to create desirable traction on the surface for safety during everyday use.

“How long will my fibreglass deck last?”
– Amount of traffic and weather exposure on your deck affects the lifespan of your membrane. However, with normal use and minor maintenance, fibreglass commonly lasts up to 25-30 years.

“Do I need to repaint the fibreglass?”
– We use a high quality paint called gelcoat to paint the fiberglass. Gelcoat is a modified polyester resin that forms a single layer hold with the fibreglass and never peels if applied properly. Furthermore, unlike other materials, gelcoat does not fade in few years, and therefore the deck has a fresh appearance for a long period.

“Can fibreglass be repaired?”
– Fiberglass has excellent durability and most often does not fail for decades when installed by experienced applicators. However, if the fibreglass gives in, it can be easily repaired saving you money on large repairs in the future.

“What is the cost of the fibreglass compared to other products?”
– Fiberglass is a cost-effective solution for most deck waterproofing projects. We offer different thicknesses of material. Therefore, to obtain a free estimate you have to contact us at (604) 780 3939.

“Can I install tiles over fiberglass deck?”
– We do not recommend installing ceramic or stone tiles over fiberglass sundeck because of the dubious durability of such surface. Instead, we can install composite floating tiles over our fiberglass.

“Do you work in my area?”
– We offer our services in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, British Columbia. While most of our renovation projects are in cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, North Shore, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Langley, White Rock, Coquitlam, and New Westminster, occasionally, we work in other BC areas as well.